Brian, Sarah, and Cade

GeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-3wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-2wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-1wmI knew from our first email conversation that this family was going to be fun. Not only are they avid trail runners and the proud owners of a 135lb Irish Wolfhound, but when I asked them to come up with 3 words to describe their life right now, they chose “eclectically balanced chaos.” I like that kind of answer! And while I wasn’t sure whether to be sad or slightly relived that they decided to leave their wolfhound at home, I’m very glad they chose to make the drive down from Virginia to spend some time with me!

After shooting a few frames inside, while we waited for the early-morning chill to pass, we spent a couple of light-filled hours strolling through fall leaves and pine trees. These three took my breath away.

Not only does baby Cade, at six months, have such soulful deep blue eyes and a beautiful way of taking in the world, but his momma and daddy share something very special. There were so many beautiful moments, such honest and effortless connection, and a whole lota love! This was one of those sessions that felt like magic, and I loved being a part of it!GeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-4wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-5wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-6wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-7wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-9wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-10wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-11wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-8wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-12wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-13wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-14wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-17wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-19wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-15wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-25wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-18wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-21wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-20wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-22wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-23wmGeorginaEmily_KeeferFamily-24wm

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