emma faith

georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-8And just like that, a new life has begun. In the quiet moments while her brother slept, emma faith was rocked by her mama and held close to her daddy’s chest. Her head rested against the hand-sewn stiches on his shirt – the shirt he was wearing the day of the motorcycle accident that changed everything, brought these two people together, and made this little life possible. Sweet emma is a tiny bundle of perfection complete with a full head of dark hair and the daintiest features.

Welcome home, little one, we’re so glad you’re here!georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-3georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-55georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-4georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-56georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-11georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-5georginaemily_newborn_emma2015-6

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